Jabra introduces stereo Bluetooth headset, speakerphone | CTIA show


Ok, i am a bit smitten with the new round of wireless, Bluetooth stereo headsets coming out. especially ones that offer high quality background noise reduction like the pair in the image below from the good folks at Jabra. However so long as the iPhone does not support playing audio through Bluetooth i suppose i will have to watch as the new Jabra HALO headset drifts by into the hands of better equipped consumers running WINDOWS MOBILE! sheesh.

Jabra HALO Stereo Bluetooth headset

Jabra introduces stereo Bluetooth headset, speakerphone | CTIA show – CNET Reviews.

As my poor little Jawbone 1 ages and begins to fall apart i think that the only acceptable replacement for it will have to be one of the sleek new modles that are coming out from Plantronics (As i think that hte new Jawbone is a bit girly…)



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