Confession of a shameless “Brand Evangelist”


-= Confession of a shameless fanboy (read – “Brand Evangelist”) =-

In response to this article: What Marketers Can Learn from Patagonia’s Riskiest Ad Campaign Ever | Marketing Automation – Pardot

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This article really points to the business value of what used to be jokingly called a “fanboy” and I must agree with the basis. As a rampant “Brand Evangelist” for companies and products I believe in I must say that the power of a happy, informed and savvy customer is HUGE.

If you can find a small infiltration team of fanatical customers that really understand your company and love you for what you represent/make/sell they can translate into a magnitude of greater returns than a simple army of “recommendations” or “Likes”. People want to harness the success of others and avoid at all costs the leap of faith that most new ideas or products represent. The “Brand Evangelist” can quickly become the “Trusted advisor” that your customers seek out to help them make the right decision the first time.

An informed and expert “Brand Evangelist” is the equivalent of your company offering free consultants to potential customers but where neither you or your customer must pay for their service. Also, your company has ZERO liability for what the say or do!

Lets sum it up:

  1. Free consultants to both you and your prospective customers!
  2. Quick results and high returns (Free! Just for your company/product being awesome!)
  3. you get better customers because fanboy-ism now called “Brand evangelism” breeds new followers. a customer that is brought into the fold through evangelism are likely to join the converted and become evangelists themselves. (Read – customers brought to you by evangelists are higher value customers!)
  4. Evangelists are “tier 0″ tech support. As a person that has brought many of my friends and colleagues to services and products i believe in i can tell you through experience that i get a call way before you get the first call… (Read – customers brought to you by evangelists cost you less to support!)

I could make lists all day but i gotta go talk someones ear off about a certain CRM I like (sugarCRM) and a certain sales automation company that could revolutionize their business (Pardot of course!)…


– Joe Harper

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  1. I agree with your “brand” evangelist idea,
    So do you use Nikon or Canon equipment, Do you like Ford F 150 pickups, or Chevy Silverados ?

    To be a politician (not like I want to be one today…), both have there strong points, and weak points.

    What do you believe ?

    Mr. Evangelist

  2. Neil, I think your questions are good but too targeted for the article above. (I’m a Leica guy BTW and i don’t really dig trucks at all..)

    The idea of being “for a brand” is one thing, the concept of being an “Evangelist” is in my mind something different entirely. I think an Evangelist is far more than just Liking a brand.

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