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Joe and Holly at Everest

My name is Joe Harper. I am a husband, photographer, chronically optimistic and happy world traveler. (it feels good to love your own description!) now that i got who I am out-of-the-way I guess I can tell you about what I do to finance all of my personal endeavors. I work as the COO of a place called Harper Inc, a small family owned company in the north side of Atlanta, GA that provides retailers with technology to better serve their customers. This let’s me focus on three of the most important things that interest me:

  1. Technology and how to make life better with it and
  2. Marketing automation and how to spread your message as inexpensively as possible with good results.
  3. Travel. As often as possible, and more often than not with Holly (my wife)

So speaking of Holly Harper, or previously Holly Wood, and yes that was her real name! We recently bought a house in a northern suburb of Atlanta, GA. We are the most energetic best friends soul mates, competitive rivals and travelers that I know. Few people get to marry a friend and even fewer get to marry someone who impresses them everyday but BAM! I did :). She is a Marketing professional at a prototype design and start-up incubator firm called Slingshot in Lawrenceville, GA. She also has a website where she rants about stuff and shares her musings about travel, life and the cosmos. you can find it here. the best picture ever taken of her can be found directly below.

The Real Chow Baby!

As I mentioned before I am quite the technology enthusiast. Software, hardware, networking and all of the gadgets that go along with it. However, some of my other hobbies include:

Photography (good old film cameras are my weakness), golf-ish I like to play but I’m not all that good, mountain biking, Backpacking – if you can’t find me on the weekends it is because I don’t want to be found :), white water rafting, snow skiing, snow skiing and oh wait, snow skiing and the occasional hockey game.

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