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A word on “Overkill”

How to alienate your biggest fans: What happened to MakerBot?

Ok, So first let me say that I am often a fanboy for products or companies that I believe in, or that appear to place priorities in the only possible order that will greet effort with success in todays hyper competitive world. That order with almost no exceptions being:

  1. Customers and Employees
  2. Innovation
  3. investors

If you follow any other order of importance then you are destined to fail along the way and be supplanted as the leader by someone else.

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Build a Makerspace – Part 2 – Walls going up!

So the day has come. Today is that day, and that day has arrived! Ok, enough stalling, grab a damn hammer.

After much planning and plotting and estimating and… Crap, I’m doing it again. Lets get to work.

If you have not read my first post as to why I am doing all this I recommend you do so, as this task will not be an easy one and will consume your weekends for several months (That is if you have gainful employment with requirements that force you off the job from 9-5 or so.)

We started our day with a serious trip to our local big box hardware emporium depot.

The List:

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Build a Makerspace – Part 1

Hi! if you are reading this then like me you are likely into the maker movement that is turning hobbies in to companies and merging  the silos of engineering, science, chemistry, design and art into a single phrase, making! This series of posts is going to detail the process that I am undertaking ignored to Make, my own Maker space in a part of my unfinished basement. This process started as a plan and has quickly become an obsession. So to see if this is relevant to you I will describe my plan, my skill set, and my goals with you to help you on your journey to create a space all your own just like I am.

The Plan

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SD Cards for the MakerBot Replicator, Replicator 2, and Replicator 2X

MakerBot SD Cards are made of magic and must be shipped in a golden Shrine!

Did your SD Card die like mine did? or do you find yourself needing a new SD Card for your MakerBot Replicator, Replicator 2, or Replicator 2X? If so you may be like me and confused as to why your standard SD Cards don’t work in your unit. Well apparently the issue lies with the firmware in your device not supporting cards over 2GB and not supporting cards formatted as FAT, FAT32, or practically anything else that is widely used today… The only supported format is FAT16, and no, it is not easy to format a card this way in todays modern computing world of 64-bit architecture.

Enter the solution!

The Transcend 2 GB SD Flash Memory Card This is the card that I found to work right out of the package, no formatting, no fiddling with it in the system terminal, it just works. I found this solution after buying several other cards that did not work with my apparently very picky MakerBot. Don’t buy a 1GB card from MakerBot for $10.00, PLUS the unheard of +$14.00 freight that they charge on this 4 gram item!
For under $8.00 and free shipping if you have prime or if you order it along with a few other small items I can tell you from experience that this card will work like a charm!