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MakerBot quietly kills off the Replicator 2

Well, it had to happen sometime. With many 3D printer enthusiasts flipping their nose at the 5th generation MakerBot and opting instead for the older (and over $800.00 cheaper) Replicator 2 with similar if not slightly better printing specs.  The time has come for this inconvenient problem to end. And so, MakerBot is fixing the problem…

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Apple says “NO AirPlay” to owners of laptops over 24 months old in OS X 10.8 – planned obsolescence

Apple has decided that like Siri, AirPlay will be a marketing ploy that attempts to get users to upgrade their hardware.

AirPlay is the ability of an Apple device to mirror video output to a screen attached to an Apple TV. this is valuable to business professionals as an unteathered means of presenting from a computer or to end users wishing to watch movies or share photos on “the big screen from a laptop, iPhone or iPad.

Last year Apple used the personal assistant software package “Siri” as a reason to push customers with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices to upgrade their phones even though the older phones were more than capable of running the software. This was the first move of its kind from Apple who previously had offered major hardware advantages as the primary reason to upgrade. This new method of pushing users to purchase new hardware is carried forward in the new Mountain Lion operating system. So what can one do?

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Google Glass : Amazing!

Google Glass is a new concept that was announced and released yesterday on their website. if you have not watched the video yet, you are missing the boat. take a look at the proof of concept video after the break to see what Google Glass is going to mean to your daily life in the near future.

Friendly, but final warning: Apple and Microsoft better pay attention.

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SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery pack for Vivitar 285HV

Time for Strobist problem solving 101!

If you are anything like me, you hate wasting money and time with AA batteries in your flashes. You probably also hate the long recycle times that you experience while firing your battery powered flashes. Well, I feel your pain. So I have built a battery pack for my Vivitar flashes that allows me to pump some big power into my little flashes. I have seen several DIY battery packs on the net and when attempting one of my own I combined much of what I saw and liked into my own design.

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Microsoft Courting iPhone Developers… Has Apple gone too far?

bad apple

Just over one year ago Apple announced the App Store and told developers that their new platform was going to offer developers the ability to make applications that could do almost anything! As we sit here a year later we now know that is not the case as Apple rejects apps based on what can only be described as murky rules that change based on what apps are submitted such as in the case of Google’s VOIP app.

After speculation that AT&T asked that Google’s app not be allowed onto the app store the matter is being further investigated by the FCC. None-the-less this is not sitting well with the one demographic that Apple should care the most about. iPhone owners…

There are countless blogs spewing rants about Apple and how the company rejected an App offering a feature that they were looking forward to. This creates unrest in an otherwise extremely loyal base of customers. Even worse is the moths of development that many of the coders have spent on working on apps that seemingly meet Apple’s rules only to get rejected for what seems to be emotional reasons on the part of Apple and their partners.

Now enter Microsoft, with a new way for angry and confused iPhone developers to recycle their code by porting their software to windows Mobile. This move from Microsoft allows them to play catch up with other mobile platforms and creates good will with App Store developers by allowing them to salvage months of work and effort spent on software previously rejected by Apple. Microsoft has also announced that their app store offering will be available for older versions of Windows Mobile giving cross-over developers access to a new user base of over 30 million windows Mobile devices.

So i guess we will see if this move from Microsoft enables a change of heart in Apple’s hard line dealings with App Store developers…

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