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SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery pack for Vivitar 285HV

Time for Strobist problem solving 101!

If you are anything like me, you hate wasting money and time with AA batteries in your flashes. You probably also hate the long recycle times that you experience while firing your battery powered flashes. Well, I feel your pain. So I have built a battery pack for my Vivitar flashes that allows me to pump some big power into my little flashes. I have seen several DIY battery packs on the net and when attempting one of my own I combined much of what I saw and liked into my own design.

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Full Bluetooth support comming to Jailbroken iPhone users

site_logogifFor those of you out there that have not been watching the iPhone Bluetooth development team for the past few months they have really made progress and are approaching the completion of their Bluetooth app for the iPhone. This app is planned to add the missing Bluetooth sigs to the iPhone such as AD2P (high quality Audio), OBEX (file transfer) and perhaps even DUN (dial-up networking). Drop by their site and download a copy of SweetTooth their GUI interface for the first phase of the Bluetooth hack. it is available now for those of you with jailbroken iPhones via Cydia Installer.


Visit their site at:

Adding Bluetooth to your Acer Aspire One Netbook!

The other day I was surfing around on the net on my new Acer Aspire One and found the coolest hack for it over at Tnkgrl’s Website this hack was aimed at one of the few Achilles heels of the Acer Aspire One “no Bluetooth.” Now, granted it is easier than ever to get Bluetooth working on a laptop with Bluetooth dongles getting smaller and smaller however if you want to keep the exterior of your laptop clear of debris and use a mouse or perhaps tether with your cell phone you need to find another way. This is where the following hack comes in to play!

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