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Google Glass : Amazing!

Google Glass is a new concept that was announced and released yesterday on their website. if you have not watched the video yet, you are missing the boat. take a look at the proof of concept video after the break to see what Google Glass is going to mean to your daily life in the near future.

Friendly, but final warning: Apple and Microsoft better pay attention.

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Review: ONA Union Street Bag vs. Billingham Hadley Pro

UPDATE: After a few years i still love them both! I have a long-term review of both of these bags coming in a few days! stay tuned.

This review compares the Billingham Hadley Pro with the ONA Union Street.

I could not find anywhere on the internet a review of these two bags so I decided to buy them both to figure out what it was that I wanted. Both bags are premium bags that will protect your gear and look good doing it! the value of the bags to you will depend on what you carry other than your camera. The ONA is larger and accommodates a laptop with ease. it also can accommodate a small DSLR and 2 lenses. (a larger pro body DSLR would be pretty tight in the Union street and you can forget about it in the Billingham Hadley Pro.)

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Full Bluetooth support comming to Jailbroken iPhone users

site_logogifFor those of you out there that have not been watching the iPhone Bluetooth development team for the past few months they have really made progress and are approaching the completion of their Bluetooth app for the iPhone. This app is planned to add the missing Bluetooth sigs to the iPhone such as AD2P (high quality Audio), OBEX (file transfer) and perhaps even DUN (dial-up networking). Drop by their site and download a copy of SweetTooth their GUI interface for the first phase of the Bluetooth hack. it is available now for those of you with jailbroken iPhones via Cydia Installer.


Visit their site at:

iPhone 3G, i wish i could be more of a fanboy…

Well, it has been 3 weeks now since i got my hands on the iPhone 3G and I have to say I am still enamored with the quality of the interface. The device feels solid, works well and has few bugs (At least for me it has had few bugs. others have had nothing but issues from the get-go.) The 3G internet speed is zippy (solid 1.4-1.6Mbps when in 3G coverage areas) and quite responsive, certainly enough for surfing the web and for use with my Exchange account for e-mail. The problem now is that I have had enough time away from my Treo 750 Windows Mobile device to start missing some of the common sense type features that for some reason the iPhone lacks even in its 2nd generation. Continue reading iPhone 3G, i wish i could be more of a fanboy…