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Review: ONA Union Street Bag vs. Billingham Hadley Pro

UPDATE: After a few years i still love them both! I have a long-term review of both of these bags coming in a few days! stay tuned.

This review compares the Billingham Hadley Pro with the ONA Union Street.

I could not find anywhere on the internet a review of these two bags so I decided to buy them both to figure out what it was that I wanted. Both bags are premium bags that will protect your gear and look good doing it! the value of the bags to you will depend on what you carry other than your camera. The ONA is larger and accommodates a laptop with ease. it also can accommodate a small DSLR and 2 lenses. (a larger pro body DSLR would be pretty tight in the Union street and you can forget about it in the Billingham Hadley Pro.)

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I was interviewed on Tales on Film

From my interview:

Today we’re interviewing Joe Harper.

Joe in Iceland

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Joe Harper. I am an amateur photographer based in Atlanta, GA a city in the Southeastern part of the United States. I shoot film because it lets me use the cameras that I love and it captures the world the way I see it. I love travel and blending travel and photograph is what I would consider my life’s great ambition

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SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery pack for Vivitar 285HV

Time for Strobist problem solving 101!

If you are anything like me, you hate wasting money and time with AA batteries in your flashes. You probably also hate the long recycle times that you experience while firing your battery powered flashes. Well, I feel your pain. So I have built a battery pack for my Vivitar flashes that allows me to pump some big power into my little flashes. I have seen several DIY battery packs on the net and when attempting one of my own I combined much of what I saw and liked into my own design.

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looking to improve your photography swing? Then it’s time to hit the range.

My favorite camera. let me qualify that for a moment: My favorite camera right now… is the Hasselbald 500 CM. I like it because in my completely automated world i am able to unwind and use something that is completely manual. When i shoot with it i really feel like i am capturing the image as opposed to being the operator, tripod, “button pusher” for my otherwise fully automated DSLR camera. When i take what i would consider an exceptional photograph i know that it was me, my efforts that made it possible. Not that the DSLR is all bad but it is designed to help me not fail as a photographer.

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