Hi! my name is Steven J. Harper but my friends call me Joe, this is my personal website and I use this space to promote myself, and my ideas.

I run several technology oriented websites that are designed to help people do more with their technology. I am also an amature photographer you will find my pictures here on this site. if you are looking for Tech news, just flip through this and my other websites to find out more about the various sites I maintain and the reviews I have done. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.

Joe in Snow


Joe Harper


About Author

Owner at @HarperInc, CRM and sales Automation evangelist, Daddy, Maker, Photographer, and Blogger. Joe loves novel things and nuanced ideas. If you have one share it with me and i just might post about it! Location: Atlanta, GA


  1. I know, a blast from the past!
    How are you?! Love your pictures of Toledo – I have visited there many years ago!
    All is well and hope with you too!

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