Twitter success, Is there an echo in here?


Ok, so I fear I may have lost it. Today I sat down at my computer, in my office, at my adult job, and spent an entire hour trying to figure out how to get more followers on Twitter. I mean “Come on!” I’m an adult right, I don’t need adoring fans or groupies, but occasionally I have a few things to say and I have a tendency to want to say them to an audience outside of my normal life. I think it all goes back to when I was on radio as a weekend DJ at a station here in Atlanta. I really enjoyed the opportunity to throw my ideas out there and get instant feed back from the entire city, the exchange of information and ideas was awesome.

I see Twitter as just that, an exchange of ideas mixed with a few “Dude I just ate a slice of pizza, it was AMAZING!” comments. But the overwhelming current of Twitter seems to be the dissemination of information between like minded people in an open and convenient format. The only problem is that I don’t have any followers, which makes it more like a painfully long phone based seminar and my line is muted. Even if you agree with the host you cannot say anything back and I find it odd that I keep replying to people that never hear my replies… any way, I digress.

So I found a few resources that claimed methods of building readership and increasing the number of followers on Twitter.  This article on happened to be the most realistic and helpful for me. I am going to be trying my best to create quality content and all the while linking it to my Twitter feed.

The method of following 10,000 people and hoping that they follow me in return seems a bit tacky, and is a good way to get a black mark in a community that is as connected as Twitter. So for me it will be content, conversation and posting as the answer to my twitter goals.

So help me out and follow me. I promise that I will keep the tweets coming and keep my content relevant. If you promise to do the same perhaps I will follow you so we can keep the information flowing. And as far as the hour of work is concerned… let’s just call it research.


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