How to get your hands on an Olympus OM-D SOONER!


Are you like me? Did you pre-order your OMD from the likes of or some other large online retailer, only to still not have one months after launch?

If so you should do as I did and take a different path to OM-D ownership. I found local stores and got on their pre-order list. Check after the break for a few places to try.

Places that get OM-D’s almost daily are large traditional retailers such as the two listed below. To avoid paying tax make sure to not live in the state that they are in. Also, Service Photo offers free shipping on camera orders. Showcase, does not…

Service Photo Supply, Inc.
3838 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD  21211
(410)467-9455 fax
(800)344-3776 toll free

Showcase Photo Video
2323 Cheshire Bridge Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(800) 886-1976 – toll free


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